pergo Argon Humidifier for High TDS Sample Analysis

The pergo Argon Humidifier is designed for use in ICP analyses dealing with high concentrations of dissolved solids. This humidifier utilizes Nafion© tubing that selectively permeates water vapor through its membrane, which humidifies the argon line. The water prevents salt from accumulating in the sample introduction system (nebulizer), which allows for uninterrupted analysis and maintenance free operation.

ICP High TDS Sample Analysis

  • Seawater samples
    • Oil and gas exploration
    • Environmental monitoring
  • Brine samples
    • Chlor-alkali process
Difficulties with High TDS Samples
  • Salt deposits in nebulizer tip change nebulization efficiency and cause drift
  • Salt deposits in ICP injector shift the aerosol direction, causing signal drift and high RSD
  • Injector deposits (salt and liquid) can break free and douse the ICP
pergo System
  • Compact Ar nebulizer gas humidifier
  • Water vapor permeates Nafion© membrane humidifying the argon nebulizer gas
  • Water reservoir at atmospheric pressure—safe
  • Works with any ICP or ICPMS instrument
  • Application to high TDS samples with Meinhard glass nebulizer
pergo High TDS System for MEINHARD® Nebulizer
  • Excellent long-term and short-term stability with high TDS samples
  • Prevents salt accumulation on the tip of the nebulizer
  • Safe and easy-to-use

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PRG-01 pergo Argon Humidifier

PRG-01 pergo Argon Humidifier

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PRG-01 pergo Argon humidifier for analyses dealing with high concentrations of dissolved solids.
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